QMMC Qiana's Massage Management & Consulting

Refund Policy

We realize at times things just don't work out they way we would hope them too. In the event we are unable to meet your expectations, don't make a fuss just request a refund.

If you purchased a service through a deal site  refunds must be issued through that site and  are usually provided  within 30 days of purchase after 30 days the deal site is not obligated to provide a refund but most will provide the purchaser with a credit.

If you miss the 30 day period  remember it is always best to put butter on a biscuit than to make a situation nasty. We at Qiana's Massage believe that all matters can be handled as adults and we are willing to offer something in the event your matter goes unresolved.

We don't like to see customers get a refund but We will provide a refund if it will make the customer Happy.